Hodson  Archer - Ballets Old & New

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Rome photo by Shira Klasmer

Stage Productions

Joffrey Ballet (1987)

Paris Opera Ballet (1991)

Finnish National Ballet (1994)

Companhia Nacional de Bailado, Portugal (1994)

Zurich Ballet (1995)

Theatro Municipal Ballet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1996)

Rome Opera Ballet (2001)

Mariinsky Ballet, St. Petersburg (2003)

Birmingham Royal Ballet (2005)

Hyogo Performing Arts Centre Ballet, Kobe (2005)

Hamburg Ballett (2009)

Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo (2009)

 Rome Opera Ballet, 2007,, Men in Sacre, Act I.

Music by Igor Stravinsky

Designs after Nicholas Roerich Choreography after Vaslav Nijinsky

Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes 1913

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 Mariinsky dancers checking Sacre ostumes with Millicent Hodson, St Petersburg, 2003.

Naples photo by Ann Hutchinson Guest

Kenneth Archer and Millicent Hodson signing their books related to Le Sacre at Finnish National Opera, 2003, with Ross MacGibbon, executive producer for dance at the BBC, organizing the docudrama Riot at the Rite.
With Eila Larmo, planning officer for Finnish National Ballet, 2003, celebrating the company’s participation in the BBC  film Riot at the Rite.
 Millicent Hodson’s book on Nijinsky’s choreography for Le Sacre (Pendragon, New York, 1996) and Kenneth Archer’s book on Roerich’s art (Parkstone, Bournemouth, 1999).

Helsinki photos by Sakari Viiki

Beppe Menegatti greeting Millicent Hodson at the San Carlo Theatre, Naples, to set excerpts of Sacre in the spectacle, Nijinsky, Memories of Youth, 1989.
Zenaida Yanowsky, principal of the Royal Ballet, London, as the Chosen One dancing with the Finnish National Ballet in the BBC docudrama Riot at the Rite, 2006.

BBC photo by Ross MacGibbon